We’re a full-service creative agency that’s passionate about social change.
We take big ideas and turn them into action-oriented campaigns that change behavior, shift perception and spark important conversations. Whether it’s mental health awareness, anti-discrimination or smoking cessation, we’re inspired by social and health issues that affect the human condition.

Our Portfolio

Meet Our Team

John Fortune

Principal/Executive Account Director

John's sunny disposition and dedication to our  clients, lays the groundwork for DCF’s success. With a passion for vintage advertising and all creatures of the deep, John is always the uplifting voice in the room, the coach for our team and the spirit guide for our clients.

James DeAngelo

Principal/Executive Creative Director

From the hard-knock streets of disco-era Queens, to the equally savage halls of Cornell, to the orange-laden walls of DCF—Jim has lived through many tribulations, and mugs of coffee, to become a leader and founder of his own ad agency—spearheading social and health reforms in the Big Apple.

Miryam Julien

Producer/Project Manager

Miryam comes from fashion roots and still occasionally glams up our office with some catwalk-worthy ensembles. She is also the bedrock of DCF, keeping this agency running smoothly by way of hyper-organization and many many many excel sheets.

Amy Williams

Associate Creative Director

An underrated wine-enthusiast and overrated Giphy-abuser. Amy could be a paradox of creative genius. She is an assertive sweetheart and trendy traditionalist. A veteran of DCF and cornerstone of the creative team—what Amy definitely does not lack is range.

Lizzy Kitces


A creative magician who dabbles in bocce ball, photography, and dog-sitting, it’s fair to question how Lizzy does it all. With a knack for witty tagline generation and a keen eye for the “next cool thing,” she is part art director and part office tastemaker, bringing an essential mix of talents that always keep DCF cool.

Joy Yih

Senior Art Director/Strategist

Joy is a classic case of functional OCD. Whether it's squirreling away overly health-conscious protein bars or multitasking a hefty list of projects she is always ready to accomplish things excessively. She even speaks 2.75 languages.


We’re always on the hunt for talented future co-workers, collaborators, and of course new clients! We look forward to hearing from you!

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